Who is R.E.S.I.N Creature

Welcome to R.E.S.I.N. Creature (Remote Expedition Scientific Investment Network) .

RESIN Founded by CEO David Pereira Ezcurra and Erick Sosa , Director of expeditions, with the idea of ​​bringing the knowledge of other species and civilizations to Earth.

We are a company with the most advanced technology, specializing in replication by genetic engineering, using nanorobots using the latest prototype scanner, the SNS (Stick Nano Scan).

Our scientists perform accurate reproductions of any creature caught in their natural habitat in any planetary system that our scouts can access.

With the contribution of private capital via our investors, we can realize our dream of traveling The Universe and bring a replica so that our investors can enjoy the experience of traveling and discovering worlds with us.

Our Company Mission

Founded in 2036 with the help of private investors, RESIN immediately excelled in the field of biogenetic applied nano technology. The company began to look to the stars, in life beyond our solar system.

The R.E.S.I.N Creature Philosophy

Our philosophy is that of the early explorers, … discover new lands and new civilizations, to do so using the most advanced technology.

Participate in our travels.

Be part of our travels and participates as a principal investor. Supports our mission of exploration and search of new civilizations. Participate… Join … Contribute…



RESIN (Remote Expedition Scientific Investment Network) Creature is a company dedicated to the search for life beyond our solar system.

Founded in 2036 with the help of private investors, RESIN immediately excelled in the field of biogenetic applied nano technology.

The company began looking to the stars, in search of life beyond our solar system.

In 2045 whilst exploring the asteroid belt next to Saturn, the remains of an ancient civilization were discovered.

With the acquisition of new technologies from this ancient civilization RESIN grew exponentially.

This new technology, allowed the use of cold fusion to generate enough energy for long journeys, as well as the use of materials hitherto unknown on Earth.

In 2048 RESIN built their first long-distance spacecraft, and they called it HELIKONOVA.

It arrived at the edge of the Solar system in a short period of time, an area previously unvisited by the Human race.

And so began what would come to be known as the New Age of Nanogenetic Technology.

In 2049 they came in first contact with an alien civilization.

In 2050 the growth of the company was again exponential, and the began building its second ship for space travel, the NANOKONOVA.

In 2055 new civilizations were discovered, unfortunately not as peaceful as the previous.

RESIN suffered the loss of several ships and personnel.

In 2057 the Department of Biotechnology was remodeled.

The functions of this new department would switch to the exploration of new civilizations and creatures for study.

At present this department in the spearhead of exploring of new systems and new civilizations.


Our  Skills




  • TECH: Technology in % investment.
  • EXPD: Expeditions  in % investment.
  • INVS: Investors 
  • BIO: Biotechnology