The Unt-undbur system. This system has 7 planets  (Unt’nyi, Kelaer’e, Ina’raku, Ight’mor, Ler’Kaly, Toruc’o )

Raised from infancy in the art of hunting.  The ultimate test for Maturity is to hunt his own descent…as an adult.

This is a test of survival skills, a test of evolution. The adult then decides to procreate.

The adult teaches everything necessary for survival, for hunting; and when the  offspring is of age and is ready, the father initiates the ultimate test.

The father hunts the son. If the son survives it means that the father has lost his position of authority. There is no compassion, only survival. If he kills his sun, he can still beget another, but only one at a time.

On each planet in the system they use different fighting techniques. Rarely do they confront each other, but when they do, it is to the death.

They often carry trophies of former victims.

  • CLASS 6 


TIME 100%

  • TIME: This is the time to makethe Scan Creature
  • INVESTORS: How many investors have invested in the mission.
  • SUCCESS: Mission accomplished