The Neolugh system has 15 planets and respective moons (Blardp, Quag, Litgud, Hastth, Blyb Nimine, Lotves,  Strylltan, Lliy, Jytg, Datq, Zuygis, Whuatqcha, Suqnig, Rackrr, Zyld) .

Each planet is governed for a Earl. Each Earl is independent but they must deal in assembly to discuss stuff about economy, taxes, …

While the continued excavations in the Asteroid belt in the Zyld planet the most far planet in Nelough Sytem, a new civilitation was discovered. …The Acronians

The Acronians were hostile since the begining looking  the same propose …. have control of the asteroid belt with all their resource.

After years fierce struggle agains this race, the Captain Hastagzhh ,member of the Seventh Fleet of the Earl of Litgud won a decisive victory for the Suldinians.

With his tremendous expertise was able to fight againts  two Acronians Destroyers  tiling the balance to the side of the Suldinians.

  • CLASS 4 


TIME 100%
  • TIME: This is the time to make the Scan Creature
  • INVESTORS: How many investors have invested in the mission.
  • SUCCESS: Mission accomplished