This is our last signal from the planet Kohoos.

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Crimson Bust 360

This is the Crimson Ronin Bust turnaround.

Coming soon for our investors!.

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Crimon Ronin Bust.

This is going to be our next project. Pre-order soon


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Crimson Ronin

Predator from the Uskeuy’nn race.

Raised from infancy in the art of hunting.  The ultimate test for Maturity is to hunt his own descent…as an adult.

This is a test of survival skills, a test of evolution. The adult then decides to procreate.

The adult teaches everything necessary […]

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Captain Hastaghzz

We want to present the Captain Hastagzhh member of the the Seventh Fleet of the Earl of Litgud. He fought in the Battle of the asteroid belt near the planet Zyld against the  Acronians. He received many accolades and awards in this battle

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Welcome to R.E.S.I.N Creature.!


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